Web Design in Hong Kong

What is UX Web Design?

Why do you need UX Web Design?

UX Web Design is short for User Experience Web Design.

UX Web design refers to how users actually use a website.

It is often said that if a user cannot find what they are looking for within 3 seconds then they will leave your site and go to a competitors site.

Red or Dev will ensure your website is designed to be easy to use, to find what they are looking and to navigate for all of your users on their different devices – be it desktops, laptops, tablets or mobiles. UX Web Design is focused on the position of elements on a web page and how the user flows through the site.

Many agencies will produce stunning looking websites, but unless a user can easily use them then they are rendered useless.

All of our ready-made templates have been designed with User Experience in mind. They not only look great but are also great to use.

All of our custom web designs will start off with a round of UX design after a thorough understanding of your business requirements and your customers needs. This will ensure your customers can find what they are looking for as soon as possible and make that conversion – from filling out a form to purchasing one of your products.

Ecommerce UX Web Design is particularly important for conversion purposes. We specialise in the Woocommerce and Magento platforms – both of which incorporate some great user flows to make purchasing your products effortless and increase your sales. Combined with our UX web designs we make sure when a user comes to your site they know exactly what you do and let them find what they need with ease so that they don’t need to go anywhere else to make their purchases.

What is UI Web design?

How do we differ from other agencies?

UI Web Design is short for User Interface Web Design.

UI Web design refers to what the website looks like. Here at Red or Dev, we use both pixel perfect ready-made templates and custom one-off web designs that have been designed to perfectly suit both yours and your customers needs.

We make sure all our designs, both templates and custom, look and work seamlessly across all devices – desktop, laptops, tablet and mobile.

In conjunction with our UX Web Design we make sure that our designs don’t only just look fantastic but are also great to use. We make sure the layout, icons, pictures, fonts and colours are both consistent and elegant. Your website is an extension of your brand and we make sure your site reflects your company’s and brand’s values.

At the end of the day we ensure that your key conversion goals are met – whether it’s a user filling in a form, finding the information they need, buying a product or downloading a pdf. Red or Dev will make any Call To Actions needed both prominently placed and easy to convert.

We make sure our designs are beautiful but don’t get in the way of the most important thing – conversion in whatever form that is important to you.

Red or Dev is a Web Design Agency in Hong Kong.

What is Responsive Web design?

How does Responsive Web design work?

Responsive Web Design is using one set of code that can be used across multiple devices – desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. 

Red or Dev Digital Web Development Agency makes sure that our designs look great across all different sized screens.

Responsive Web Design works by creating break points so that the same design will change at certain screen sizes to ensure it looks great across all screen sizes. This allows for a fluid web design by using percentage-based grids and optimising images to allow faster loading times and a better experience on all platforms. 

What is the UX Design Process?

  1. First presentation consists of 2 concepts for homepage.
  2. Followed by a round for iteration (if any) based on preferred homepage concept from the first version.
  3. Next, all inside pages will be rolled out based on the chosen homepage UX.
  4. Further minimal iterations/add-ons (not increasing scope of project) can be accommodated.
  5. Additional homepage concept (before moving forward to all inside pages) at HKD $2,000 each in case of more choices needed.

What is the UI Design Process?

  1. First presentation consists of 2 concepts for homepage based on approved UX (if applicable).
  2. Next, all primary inside pages will be rolled out based on the chosen homepage UI style and approved UX (if applicable).
  3. Lastly, final round of iteration for all pages and overall website design.
  4. Further minimal iterations/add-ons (not affecting overall design) can be accommodated.
  5. Additional homepage concept (before moving forward to all inside pages) at HKD $4,000 each in case of more choices needed.

Do you offer any other design services?

Yes we also offer the following:
  1. Logo design
  2. Existing logo adjustments
  3. Stationery design: (business cards, letterhead, envelope, email signature)
  4. Brand guidelines:  (primary & secondary logos, logomark, clear space, logo usage, logo misuse, print & web colour palettes, typography, imagery)
Logo design:
  1. First presentation consists of 3 concepts x 2 options for each.
  2. Followed by up to 3 rounds of iterations based on preferred concept(s) from the previous version.
  3. Additional concept available for an additional cost  in case of more choices needed.
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Our Preferred Technologies

what we do

Web Development

Simple sites such as small corporate sites can take advantage of our mIx and match templates to create a great looking site for a low cost.

Custom Web Development

For more complex sites or for customers wishing to have a custom design just for them then the Custom Web Package is the perfect choice.

Web Design in Hong Kong

Mix and match from our template library or choose our custom web design which is designed to look just the way you and your brand wants it.

Ecommerce Websites

Our ecommerce package is perfect for those looking to sell products or services online. We specialise in Woocommerce sites as well as Magento and Shopify.

Digital Strategy in HK

We will also be offering Digital Strategy services soon. These relate to the overall digital strategy your company should be taking and how to achieve it.

Digital Strategy in HK
Coming Soon

Web Hosting in Hong Kong

All of our packages include web hosting on our Hong Kong based servers. We can also offer hosting in other countries if required. We can also migrate your current site to us.