Frequently Asked Questions

This is my first website - will you be able to help me as I'm new to this?

Of course! Our experienced staff will be able to help guide you through the whole process.

Which CMS would you recommend?

We recommend using WordPress for ease of use, customisability, amount of plugins to extend functionality and value for money.

Which ecommerce platform would you recommend?

For the same reasons as which CMS we recommend we also recommend Woocomerce Ecommerce System. 

Can I have more than one language?

Of course! Here at Red or Dev we’re specialists in crafting multilingual websites. 

What's the difference between your packages and custom sites?

Packages are mainly for wordpress and woocommerce sites. We have a number of templates available where you can change colours, logos, images and text. These are great for small sites or shops that don’t require a lot of customisation.

Custom sites have complete custom design and functionality and you have total control over what you can add to your site. As such these cost a lot more but are great for sites that want to be unique.

Can I add custom work to one of your packages?

It might be possible to add some small amount of customisation to one of our packages, subject to our daily rate. For large amounts of customisation we would require you to purchased a custom package.

Why should I use Red or Dev?

There are lots of good web development companies around the world and Red or Dev prides itself in being one of them.

Whilst we are still a young company we have lower overheads so can offer an exceptionally high standard of work at lower costs. 

This is something that older more established agencies with large bloated staff and expensive rents can’t match.

What are your payment terms?

For Template Packages:

  • 35% down payment
  • 5% after completion of template design
  • 60% after completion of UAT (before migrating to live)

For Custom Design Packages:

  • 35% down payment
  • 15% after completion of UX design
  • 15% after completion of UI design
  • 35% after completion of UAT (before migrating to live)

For both templates and custom design:

After final payment has been made we will put your site live and give you all source code / files.

How long have Red or Dev been making websites?

Red or Dev started in 2019, however our lead developer has been building websites since 1997.

How much does a website cost?

If you chose one of our template packages you can see the starting prices from our package page. 

For custom packages it is dependent on how much customisation is required. After we know what you want we will be able to give you a custom quote for your unique website.

What sort of companies do you work with?

We happy to work with everybody from sole traders to multinational corporations. From blogs to corporate sites to ecommerce stores to custom software solutions. We’ve worked with B2Bs and B2Cs, with internal systems and external websites.

How long does it take to build a website?

It depends on several factors:

– the complexity of the project
– the size of the projects
– the level of customisation required
– how much interaction is needed with 3rd parties (we are dependent on the speed at which they respond)
– how long it takes for your content to be ready
– how long it takes you to sign-off designs or any feedback required
– how long it takes to respond to any queries we have 
– our current workload

So a site can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

For package sites:

We have some starting timeframes included on the package page.

For custom sites:

Along with price, this is completely dependent on how much customisation that is required. If you select an open source CMS such as wordpress along with customisation it will be quicker than a complete Laravel or Ruby on Rails build. Connecting to external systems also can take extra time depending on the quality of their APIs and work required. When we give you a quote we will also give you a timeframe as well.

What is your work process like?

We will communicate with you to find out exactly what you want and how we can help. From their you can either choose one of our template packages or a custom solution. 

For template packages:

We will add a scope of work document listing all the functionalities required and which template you have chosen. After you have signed it we start work.*

Once the site has been completed we put on our development server for you to test.

After testing we require final payment and we will then either add to our hosting server or your chosen host.

For custom solutions:

We go into an even further discovery phase where we find out much more about your company and what you need and then give you a custom quote.

Once you have your quote and agree to it we will sign a contract with you and list all the functionality and scope of work required for that project*.

One of our designers and project managers will then discuss the design with you and then come up with some concepts for you. Once the successful concept has been chosen we require you to sign that design off.*

We will then start building the site according to the signed-off design and scope of work.

Once the site has been completed we put on our development server for you to test.

For larger sites we will break into sprints and add to our development server at the end of each sprint so you can test.

After testing we require final payment and we will then either add to our hosting server or your chosen host.

*These are important legally binding document that you will need to read and agree to. We will ensure all functionality listed in completed. Any functionality not listed will not be added unless a change request form is signed with possible payment required. For the signed-off design this is what the site will look like. Any change to the design will also need a signed change request form along with a possible payment.

Can you help me register a domain name?

Yes we can help you register a domain name on your behalf at an additional cost. Our web and ecommerce packages include a domain name if you do not already have one you want to use.

What form of communication do you use?

You have unlimited email support throughout the project life cycle and after if you host with us or take out one of our maintenance packages.

We offer meetings via skype for custom packages and for our Hong Kong clients we can offer face to face meetings.

Can you help me write content for my website?

Yes we can help you write content for your website. We have a copy writer here who will be happy to assist you but there will be an additional cost. Please contact us for more information.

Who adds the content to our site?

For small sites we can help you add the content. For large sites you are expected to add the content. If you require help we can offer a content placement package.

Are third party plugins included in the quote?

Any third party plugins that require additional payment are listed separately in the quote.

Do I own my own website?

Yes! Once we have completed your website and final payment has been made we hand over all source code to you and it is yours to keep. 

You can either host with us or you are free to host with another company and we can help you set it up on their servers.

How do I know how many people are visiting my site?

We will connect your Google Analytics account (or another analytics company) tracking code. 

If you do not have a GA account we can help you set one up.

Can I update my website myself after it's gone live?

Yes you are free to update your website’s content after it has gone live.

For the first 30 days after going live we will make minor content updates for free. After that if you need us to help you with any updates after going live we are available to do so at our hourly rate.

Do you offer any guarantees on your web development?

We would like to think all our code is bug free but for more complex sites that’s very difficult to achieve. Therefore, we offer a sixty day guarantee after going live that any bugs with our code* will be fixed for free.

*Please note any bugs with third party code is not subject to this guarantee.

Are there any costs involved after completing a project?

After completing a project the following costs will need to be paid yearly:

  • Domain name (1st year registration included in our web and ecommerce packages)
  • Hosting (1st year XS hosting included with our web and ecommerce packags or you will need hosting with someone else)
  • Maintenance (this is optional – you are welcome to maintain the website yourself)
  • 3rd party plugins (some third party plugins used might need yearly subscriptions to be able to update them. We will list these and let you know the cost before we use them in your project. If you don’t want to use them we can look for alternatives or a custom solution)
What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept bank transfer or credit card payment through Paypal.

What's your refund policy?

Refunds are judged on a case by case basis and the reason for the refund. 

Full refunds on pre-made templates with no customisation are possible under certain circumstances.

For highly customised work it depends on the reason for needing a refund and how much work has already been undertaken. If agreed a partial refund might be possible.

Can you help me with SVGs for my website?

We have a subscription with a SVG site and you may choose any SVG on that site to be included on your website for free.

Who needs to supply the images for my website?

You are responsible for your own images but we can help you source stock photos if required. We can also recommend photographers if you require some professional photography for your website.

Can you help me with my branding and logo?

Yes we have branding and logo specialists here at Red or Dev and can be included as part of the custom package or an extra on top of one of the template packages.

Will I see a mockup first?

For template packages you will chose from a variety of pre-made templates. We will then change the colours, logos and text according to your branding.

For custom packages we include 2-3 homepage concepts once a contract has been signed and 50% deposit paid. You can then chose one and make a few rounds of changes. 

Once the homepage has been signed off we will develop the rest of the site making each page template, with you being able to make adjustments to each page template.

Are all your designs responsive?

Yes of course! Both the templates and custom designs are all made to be responsive from mobiles up to desktops and in between.

Are you able to integrate with our other systems?

Yes we can! Provided your other systems has an API that we can use to communicate between the two systems then we should be able to connect them.

Can you extend my current site that has been built by someone else?

Yes it is possible if your site was made with WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento, Drupal or Ruby on Rails. Contact us and let us know what you require and we can assess your current site and if we are able to help.

Do you do Apps as well?

Red or Dev doesn’t create Apps but we have partner companies that we work with who will be more than happy to assist. We can even include Apps in the quote and we will work with them on your behalf to get the App you require so you don’t need to.

Can you make me a prototype before I sign a contract with you?

Unfortunately not. A 50% deposit is required before any design or development work takes place.

I had a bad experience with WordPress before - why do you recommend it?

Not all wordpress/woocommerce sites are created equally. Like with anything, if made badly your wordpress site will be bad. If made well then you will have a great site.

What is SEO and do you include any in your packages?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. There are two main types of Search Engine Optimisation: paid-for and organic.

Paid-for SEO is paying search engines so your site appears at the top of the search results or in sponsored locations. We can help you with Paid-for SEO for an additional cost after your site has gone live.

Organic SEO refers to optimising your site naturally to produce a higher page rank and ultimately a higher listing in the results. We do this for free in all of our packages – including correct use of heading tags (H), page titles, meta descriptions, cross-site linking, etc. 

Can you host our current site built by somebody else?

Yes we can migrate your current wordpress/woocommerce site to our own hosting.

Where are your servers hosted?

We host our websites on Google Cloud on servers located in Hong Kong, England and the United States. But we are able to setup servers located anywhere if required. 

Is your hosting on shared or dedicated servers?

We use a dedicated server for all our hosting. You only share with our other clients so you can be assured that you your sites will be safe and reliable. Unlike other hosts we don’t cram hundreds of sites on one server. You will only be sharing with up to 30 clients at most. Most likely there will be a lot less.

If you require your own dedicated server this is of course possible, but would be subject to an extra cost on our normal hosting packages.

Do you offer maintenance packages along with your hosting?

Yes we do! Our hosting packages include basic maintenance. 

We can also offer maintenance packages on sites built by us but not hosted on our servers providing we have full access to the external hosting company’s server.

Can you help me point my DNS?

Yes we can help you point your domain’s DNS to our or your nominated hosting company.

What hosting packages do you offer?

We offer a variety of hosting packages – please see our hosting packages page.

Are domain names and hosting included?

Yes all our packages include a free domain and XS hosting with us. 

What is included within the packages

  • Either pre-made template or custom designed templates (included several rounds of revisions)
  • Coding of websites
  • Listed 3rd party plugins for the first year
  • Project Management
  • Listed methods of communications
  • 1st year domain registration (or you can use your own domain name)
  • 1 year hosting with XS package (or you can use your own hosting or pay the difference for a larger hosting package)

The following items are not included:

  • Paid for SSL
  • Unlimited design revisions
  • Revisions to pre-made templates (without any extra customisation purchased)
  • New functionality not listed in the scope of work document
Do you charge for technical support?

All our hosting packages includes free technical support.

Depending on the amount of work needed there might be an hourly/daily charge.

Do I need to buy a domain name?

We will register a .com/ domain name for you as part of our packages. If you have an existing domain name we can use instead.

Do I need hosting and what is it?

Web hosting is the storing your site on a server to make it publicly accessible. It’s basically a computer that is connected to the internet.

You are free to host with us or another company but you need web hosting or no one will be able to see your site.

Web Development in Hong Kong

Simple sites such as small corporate sites can take advantage of our mIx and match templates to create a great looking site for a low cost.

Custom Web Development

For more complex sites or for customers wishing to have a custom design just for them then the Custom Web Package is the perfect choice.

Web Design in Hong Kong

Mix and match from our template library or choose our custom web design which is designed to look just the way you and your brand wants it.

Ecommerce / E-commerce Websites

Our ecommerce package is perfect for those looking to sell products or services online. We specialise in Woocommerce sites as well as Magento and Shopify.

Digital Strategy in HK

We will also be offering Digital Strategy services soon. These relate to the overall digital strategy your company should be taking and how to achieve it.

Digital Strategy in HK
Coming Soon

Web Hosting in Hong Kong

All of our packages include web hosting on our Hong Kong based servers. We can also offer hosting in other countries if required. We can also migrate your current site to us.