Ecommerce Web Development

Woocommerce / Magento / Shopify

Ecommerce Web Development in Hong Kong

We’ve worked on many ecommerce sites in our time and recommend Woocommerce and Magento.

For small to medium shops we recommend Woocomerce, which is a WordPress plugin. Like WordPress, it is incredibly easy to use and offers everything a small to medium size shop would need. Products, cart, checkout, different payment providers, shipping, taxes, coupons and much more functionality. It’s also easily customisable to offer you and your visitors a unique and perfect shopping experience. Just like WordPress it can be extended through hundreds of plugins.

For larger sites (ones with thousands of products) we would recommend Magento. It has even more functionality than Woocommerce out of the box but it is more limited on the CMS side. It can also be customised and extended through plugins but it is more complex to use or change, therefore Magento has a much higher total cost price.

We can also create Shopify sites for small shops but we find Shopify to be more limited in what you can do. Therefore, we would recommend Woocommerce.

Third-Party API Ecommerce Integrations

Our developers are used to connecting to many different types of third-party system from CRMs to ERPs, from Salesforce to a custom solution, via APIs. We can connect them to your website through custom web development.

Our Preferred Technologies

what we do

Web Development

Simple sites such as small corporate sites can take advantage of our mIx and match templates to create a great looking site for a low cost.

Custom Web Development

For more complex sites or for customers wishing to have a custom design just for them then the Custom Web Package is the perfect choice.

Web Design in Hong Kong

Mix and match from our template library or choose our custom web design which is designed to look just the way you and your brand wants it.

Ecommerce Websites

Our ecommerce package is perfect for those looking to sell products or services online. We specialise in Woocommerce sites as well as Magento and Shopify.

Digital Strategy in HK

We will also be offering Digital Strategy services soon. These relate to the overall digital strategy your company should be taking and how to achieve it.

Digital Strategy in HK
Coming Soon

Web Hosting in Hong Kong

All of our packages include web hosting on our Hong Kong based servers. We can also offer hosting in other countries if required. We can also migrate your current site to us.